Cub Tracker

Track your Pack, Den, or Cub Scout's advancement and contact information easily.

Complete Rank Advancement Requirements
Easy to use Cub Scout den management tool

Cub Tracker makes it easy to record and monitor your den or scout's advancement.

Easily add dens, scouts, and contact info to help you manage your scout or den. Works with one or an unlimited number of scouts. Manage an entire pack with one app. There are no limits on the number of scouts or the number of years it can be used. Call scouts, send a text or email with a touch of a button within the app.

Created by a den leader to manage his growing den and pack, Cub Tracker does not require an internet connection. It can be used in the field to record progress as it occurs. Simple and easy to use, Cub Tracker is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Pack View

The Pack View is the initial screen. Here you can add or remove dens, select a den, view the Scout Oath and Law, view the Help screen, or go to the Contacts screen. Add an "Inactive" den to store scouts and their data who are not currently active. Swipe left on a den to delete. Warning! Once a den is deleted all of it's scouts and data are deleted permanently!

Den View

In the Den View you can see a summary of all the den's scouts progress. Rank related requirements are color coded and are recorded for each year of a scout's career. Select a scout to go to their Requirements Summary and to work on Belt Loops and other requirements. Choose Info/Edit to view or change a scout's information. Swipe left to delete a scout. Warning! Once a scout is deleted all of their data and progress is deleted permanently! Store records of meeting dates, types, notes, and attendance in Meeting Log at the bottom of the screen.

Add or Edit Scout Info

Edit a scout's name, den, and rank. The contact information is optional and allows you to call, text, or email the parent of the scout. You can have two different contacts for each scout. On this page you can move scouts from one den to another or change their rank to review earlier achievements.

Scout Requirements Summary

View a scout's progress towards their current rank badge here. Bobcat is required of all scouts regardless of rank and needs to be completed only once. The other requriements are related to the current rank and will change with each year. Select a requirement to see a detail screen. The date when a requirement was completed is recorded and you can select when the award was presented by pressing the "presented:" button. Both dates can be edited. Press "Take Screen Shot" to send a screen shot image to your photo library. Once it's in the library you can attach it to both email or text messages.

Requirement Detail

The requrirements for an indvidual Belt Loop or Adventure are shown on this screen. The Adventure's intstructions are at the top of the screen. Simply touch each box as it is completed and when the correct requireemtns are fullfilled, a blue checkmark will appear at the top of the screen showing that the Adventure is completed! The date when an item is completed is recorded and can be edited. Press "Take Screen Shot" to send a screen shot image to your photo library. Once it's in the library you can attach it to both email or text messages.

Contacts View

From the initial Pack View screen you can access the Contacts View. All scouts stored in the app are listed by their dens. If you entered contact information in the Add/Edit screen, you can view it here. Touch the "Call Phone" button to call a scout's phone number. To send a text or email, you can select one or more scouts by touching the gray box next to their name and choosing either "Send Text" or "Send Email" below.